Splendeur XIV -FF-1200x1200-DRG-.png

Splendeur XV -FF-1200x1200-DRG-.png

Splendeur collier nid -FF-1200x1200-DRG-.png


G.O.A's unique creations all carry the complex and fairy manufacturer’s hallmark. It is composed of two flowers, a rose and a lily, both grafted on the same stem and decorated with apples on each detail.

This luxury brand accompanies each customer during important events such as religious festivals or ceremonies but also at the office during her working time.


SPLENDEUR CC698117-collier rêve-BB-face-1200x1200-DRG-.png SPLENDEUR CC698117-collier rêve-BB-dos-1200x800-DRG1-.png Splendeur CC758117 - Collier naissance -BB-face-1200x1200-DR-.png Splendeur CC758117 - Collier naissance -BB-dos-1200x800-DRG-.png
Splendeur C2C420117 - Collier coquelicot -BB-face-1200x1200-DRG-.png Splendeur C2C420117 - Collier coquelicot -BB-dos-1200x1200-DRG-.png



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